Today’s Flipchart

Wk 22 Y1 01 Mar Stoke Music Tues

Early Morning Work

EMW Tues



Basic skills – access MyOn – free choice of reading from your recommended reading library.

Click on MyOn link – see main page


See English basic skills – MyOn link – free choice reading


Measuring and recording length (see flip pages above)

Practical – measure the length of objects in your house – draw or write a list shortest to longest.

Loom video link – Maths Tuesday


Maths length ppt Tues

Challenge- convert your measurements into centimetres  – how to use use a ruler:

Maths how to use a ruler poster

Word Aware - complete starting letter, sounds like, number of syllables, use in a sentence, make up an action to help you remember.


Music – Robbie Williams

Singalong to Angels

Loom video LINK – Robbie Williams Angels karaoke

03.03 Curriculum Stoke Lyrics Rhyme

Document to be used today for lyrics singing / tomorrow for rhyme spotting

Story time

Join us for our whole school story time at 2:30