Care Club – Sun Academy Bradwell

Sun Academy Bradwell’s Care Club provides before and after school care for our pupils.

The care club opens from 7:30am to 8:45am and then again in the afternoon from 3:15pm to 6:00pm.

Bookings and payments

All children need to be booked into Care Club each week either by text or with a member of the Care Club staff. Bookings can be made in advance for the half term and payment for the sessions need to be made no later than the Friday of each week.

On the day bookings can be made up until 12.30pm, this is to ensure the correct child/adult ratios.


After the register has been compiled each morning a list of all children will be displayed in all classrooms stating which children are attending care club each evening. If any bookings are made on the day (up until 12:30pm) they will be added to the list. If your child is attending an after school club first this will also be noted.

Children will now be collected from their classrooms at 3.10pm if they are attending Care Club. Children will be signed out as normal when they are collected.

Late collection

Care Club closes at 6:00pm if you are having a problem collecting your child please call the Care Club phone as soon as possible. If you are late collecting your child after an initial leeway of 5 minutes you will then incur a charge of £5:00

All these procedures are to ensure each child’s safety at all times.

Mrs J Poole
Care Club Leader

Mrs M Forrester – Play Worker

Miss S Tweats- Play Worker