This week’s book is… Funny Bones Mystery Tour!

Early Morning Work

Join in with the days of the week song by The Learning Station

Then get ready for our maths morning by joining in with the Singing Walrus as he counts to 20


Today, we will be looking at number patterns.

Can you write the numbers 0-10 onto cards and then put them into the correct order? Use the number line to help you.

Now have a go at the odd and even game by clicking the button below


Click on the button to join your phonics lesson.

Dough Disco

Click on the button to join in with the ‘Dough Disco!’ If you haven’t got dough you could use a pair of socks or a sponge.

Story time

Funny Bones Skeleton Crew. Click on the button to watch the animated story.

Join us for our whole school story time