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World Book Day activities

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Activities: sharing each other’s favourite books, looking at each other’s masks, taking part in the Masked Reader competition, making masks in school for book characters, and lots and lots of reading.

Make use of MyOn (link on main page)

As much reading as possible.

Masked Reader:

Check out class dojo – who is reading behind the masks?








*****  Please do not complete the activities below on this page – as it is last week’s learning. Thanks *****


Accessing MyOn _ see button / link

Changing your interests so your book choice represents you.


You have just amended your MyOn book interests (see English above) – choose one of your recommended books to read.

I will know if you’ve read any as it shows in your library as read.





What Stoke is famous for?

Pottery houses and designs.

Parents please cut up the details on the worksheet (as in flip) and help your children to read the writing and decide which plate matches the description.

Pottery design pattern match sheet

Following the reading and matching – children to copy designs on to paper plate (or on a circle drawn – use a plate as an outline)

Challenge: split your plate into quarters and have a 4-design plate.

Story time

Join us for our whole school story time