Today’s Flipchart

Early Morning Work



Refer to flip and video

Loom – LINK English video Wednesday – make a plane


Refer to Maths section below.

Today we are accessing a Maths book through MyOn.


See flips as to how access MyOn to read the story

*MyOn link on main page

4 sides the same

List as many square-shaped objects found in the book.


Re-watch yesterday’s spelling teach video – http://Loom- LINK

Year 1 Term 1B Week 2 ppt.






Handwriting Practice – Print

Handwriting Practice – Precursive Looped

Word Aware

Rhyme – discuss meaning.

Complete starts with, rhymes with, number of syllables, use in a sentence and make up an action to help you to remember.


Continuing with the famous people of Stoke.

Refer to flip and video.

Loom LINK video of song and lyrics http://www.Loom- LINK

Spotting rhyme 



03.03 Curriculum Stoke Lyrics Rhyme


Use the lyrics to identify the rhyming words …

Challenge can you identify the rhyming patterns?

Story time

Join us for our whole school story time