This week’s book is… Funny Bones – Mystery Tour.

There were 6 mystery numbers in the story. Can you collect 6 things in your house and count them.. What number comes next?

1  2  3  4  5  6  ?  ?  ?  ?


Early Morning Work

Show us how amazing you are by practicing writing numbers to 10.

Join us all with Wake up, Shake up. Then sing along to our good Morning Song.


Maths Focus

Warm up by clicking on the button. Sing along to the Counting Song.

Click on the button to access todays Counting Game.

Go on a mystery walk around your garden  and pick out features e.g. tree, shed. plant pot. Can you count how many steps you need to walk to each feature? Amaze us by writing the numbers.

Send us your photos.


Please click on the link for todays Phonics.

Story time,

Click on the button to listen to todays story, The day I Met My Shadow.

Join us for our whole school story time.