Sun Academy Bradwell, Cauldon Avenue, Newcastle Under Lyme, ST5 8JN

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Curriculum overview


Sun Academy Bradwell uses the wordsmith programmes of study as a base for pupils learning in English. The programme is adapted to suit the specific needs of our pupils; this is done through bespoke learning activities linked to the core objectives.

For reading, we use books linked to the Wordsmith programme of study both to immerse children in literature but also for guided reading. The academy uses letters and sounds (supported by Jolly phonics and big cat books) to develop early reading and phonics and accelerated reader (which incorporates a range of published books) to further develop reading skills and comprehension.

Regular aspiring author days allow pupils to apply their writing skills and deepen their understanding in a variety of contexts.


The maths programme of study is based on mastery of maths and is supported with resources and online activities from Abacus maths. As with English, the medium term plans are adapted to provide bespoke learning activities that address our pupils specific needs.

The learning challenge curriculum

For all other subjects we use a question based curriculum. We use the core principles of the Learning Challenge curriculum which is built around the principle of greater learner involvement in their work. It requires deep thinking and encourages learners to work using a ‘killer’ question as the starting point.


British values survey for pupils: