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Sun Academy Bradwell are raising the profile of sport and making healthy life choices.

Take a look below at our sport achievements and blogs.

Netball team achieves silver at latest tournament – 27th March 2018

Congratulations to Sun Academy Bradwell netball team for achieving 2nd place out of 9 in the netball league. The second match was a nail-biting experience it was against Chesterton A. here is some quotes from the players.

Paige , “It was an intense match!”

Saleem , “It was a tremendous match”

Dylan , “it was nerve-racking but I scored in the last minute.”

Rosie , “It was very reliving when we found out that we won.”

Lucie, “It was intense until the last minute of the game.”

Bryony, “Throughout the whole game it was back and forth.”

Olivia, “She was very excited.”

Thank you to the netball for participating in every tournament

written by Bryony,Rosie,Lucie.


Netball Tournament Report March 2018

The Sun Academy netball team has competed in the last three netball tournaments, each time giving it their all. We’ve had amazing games , such as Tuesday 6th March 2018, when we scored 6 goals against St Johns , leaving the score 6-2 . Lucie Perry scored a fantastic goal in the last minute of the final game, which meant we drew against St Giles and St Georges. Sun Academy are 3rd in the league at the moment, but if we win against the next 2 schools we have a good chance of winning the league.

Bryony, Rosie

Football Match Report 9.3.17

The footballers of Sun Academy once again served the school proud with their virtuous and heroic performances at the Premier League Schools Tournament.  Played at the Power League the 8 players from the selected Year 5/6 team reminded us all about fine sportsmanship, grit, and determination.  Placed in a tough group with Werrington, Ellison, Sutherland, and St Chad’s, our battling heroes narrowly missed out on a place in the next round.


Sun began the tournament brightly, continuing their long winning streak with a 1-0 victory against Werrington thanks to a Jacob Steele-Harding bullet speed penalty.  Sun Academy’s 8 game winning streak finally came to an end in a 2-1 defeat to Ellison.  Niall Redman put Sun ahead with a sharp finish from the tightest of angles.  A combination of bad luck and utterly shambolic refereeing gifted Ellison two fortunate late goals.  A flukey own goal contributed to a narrow defeat to Sutherland and tired legs led to a 1-0 defeat by St Chad’s.  The St Chad’s players disgraced themselves by taunting their more accomplished Sun opponents.  The players of Sun Academy set an example to them and every other school in North Staffordshire by not retaliating and leaving the pitch in a respectful and dignified fashion.  Their sportsmanship and behaviour can only be described as truly exceptional.  The players of Sun Academy understand that all great teams including Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Stoke City can sometimes have days where all seems to go against them.  Like their professional counterparts the footballers of Sun Academy will be back stronger than ever.  Our next opponents should be very afraid indeed.


Intra-school Sports Competition

A big well done to our Sports Leaders who organised and ran a brilliant whole school competition today. All children involved had a fantastic time and had lots of fun! The results were:  

1st Place – Yellow team

2nd place – Red team

3rd Place – Green team

4th Place – Blue team

We had a brilliant morning and are looking forward to the next competition next half term!





Shea Carter’s Blog :

At Sun Academy Bardwell we do lots of sport and last week I took part in the cross country race that was hosted at our school. There were more than a hundred people racing, WOW! Schools from all over the area like Bursley, Chesterton, Saint Wulstans, and loads more. There were two races, a boy’s race and girl’s race. The races aren’t always hosted at our school; they are hosted at loads of other schools in the area.

I think that cross country is a brilliant sport and its great fun. We have a great size grass running track, at the rear of the school, but most of the time we run around the perimeter. We meet up every Monday to train. We train on the running track and at the end Mr Fennelly  (head of the cross country) talks about where we are going to next run and size of the course.

At the end of every year every one that had taken part in cross country gets a medal to show that they had represented the school in cross country. We have an assembly at the end of the week and every one that had completed in cross country has to stand up in front whole school to show that they had taken part in cross country.

As a sports leader I am trying to get more people into sports and get them more active. Cross country isn’t the only sport that we do at our school, we do loads more like: ultimate Frisbee, football, fencing, cheerleading, Zumba , archery, taekwondo, swimming and street dancing .There is a sport for everyone. It doesn’t matter what age, what size or fitness level-just give it a go!


Teo Kappakas’ Blog

Swimming at Jubilee 2

At Jubilee 2, we are spilt into four groups, to suit the swimming ability for each child. This helps to build confidence up so people who aren’t strong swimmers yet are not placed in a group that is too hard for them. Swimming aids are used to improve technique (floats, etc.). The teachers expect all of the children to be sensible in the water, but in the pool we do have some fun.


Daisy Haywood’s Blog

Ultimate Frisby and cheerleading at school!

Hi my name is Daisy, and over the last couple of weeks I have been attending a few after school clubs; I’m here to tell you what I think about them.

First of all I will tell you about cheerleading, I really enjoyed it and each week we learnt a new trick. The instructor (Mrs Kershaw), was really supportive and helped you when you were stuck. I enjoyed cheerleading very much and would definitely go again.

Now I will tell you about Ultimate Frisby! IT IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CLUBS THAT I HAVE EVER DONE! I loved it so much! The teachers (Mr Lowe and Mr Goodwin) were really friendly and really funny; we played so many fun games and I was really sad when it finished.

I would definitely attend both of these clubs again and hope to do so again the future!