Sun Academy Bradwell, Cauldon Avenue, Newcastle Under Lyme, ST5 8JN

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Gifted & Talented

At Sun Academy Bradwell we provide for the needs of all children. We also acknowledge that some children are gifted (achieve in advance of their peers on one or more academic subject) and some are talented (achieve or have the potential to achieve in advance of their peers in music, art, PE/spot or creative arts).

Within the curriculum, we provide opportunities for pupils to flourish within an area they could be considered gifted or talented in, examples of this include:

  • aspiring author events,
  • entry to writing and poetry competitions,
  • magical maths events,
  • music tuition in violins and guitar,
  • local and regional art competitions
  • Working with local artists
  • a varied range of sporting activities (including outdoor and martial arts),
  • Entry into local sporting competitions

We also ensure that learning activities are differentiated so that challenge is provided and pupils can deepen and apply their understanding of skills. More able pupils are exposed to regular application, create and evaluation activities to assist in achieving mastery within skills.

An appointed member of staff oversees the provision for gifted and talented children.